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How to Amplify Abundance with Gratitude in 3 Easy Steps

These past two weeks have been rough on me mentally, physically and emotionally. Not only did I just move from Thailand to Vegas, buy a house, redo the house and working on relaunching my business out here, my dear grandma became very ill (read more here) and I threw everything to the side to go be by her side. I learned how LIFE happens, I have been learning how to balance it all which is easier said than done and trying to keep myself together. In this whirlwind, I couldn’t have my normal AM routine of setting intentions, meditation and writing in my gratitude journal while sipping on my ACV cocktail. I was literally forcing myself awake at 5 AM just to get a workout in daily because after being with her 8 AM till 8 PM was exhausting, I had to make the choice, move or meditate.. so I picked to move everyday. I truly miss writing in my journal as it sets the tone for my day, and it is actually one of the first things I teach my coaching clients because it sets the standard for all that goes right and all that may go wrong during the day.


Two weeks without writing in my journal, I wrote in it today and let me tell you it changed my entire day and insight around! I want to share with you..

How to Amplify Abundance with Gratitude in 3 Easy Steps:

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How to Handle Grief and Loss

I disappeared from my internet world this past week, literally darkness, no motivational Monday message, no interaction in my groups just completely lights out. I had no idea on how to balance my priorities, when one priority trumps another.

This was due to a family emergency, my grandma was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer which has then spread to her liver. As my grandma is part of my trinity this was not just a omg my grandma is sick, this was heart wrenching, and life changing. My father, her son, passed away when I was 6 years old from kidney cancer and her husband, my grandpa passed away when I was 12 so for the last 15 years it has been me, my mom and my grandma through thick and thin, through the rough patches and crazy 3 day carnival cruises. Like I said, this woman is not just my grandma, she is one part of my family of three.

This news struck me hard, I rented a car and drove from Las Vegas to Orange County at 4 AM Monday morning. All things were set aside, I could care less that my roots were grown out past the point and that my goals I have been working so hard on were not even a second thought to be there for her as she has always been there for me. As I drove down, I listened to a few mindless podcasts and tried to keep myself together. I went to the doctors office to hear we don’t have much time left, this news sank my heart, I couldn’t leave so I stayed until Thursday where I had the roughest time leaving.

I have had family emergencies in the past, I have had downfall and deaths, life changing events..but what I never had was a business and what I never had to do was take care of myself. All the times past my mom stepped in but this time is different as I am not a 12 year old little girl any longer.

4 Tips on How to Handle Grief and Loss

Wednesday night before I went to bed after being with my grandma and just seeing the reality of it all I looked at myself in the mirror and hardly recognized myself. My normal 1 egg + 1 cup egg white breakfast with asparagus, mushrooms, and spinach all cooked in a healthy dose of coconut oil was no longer a thought, I was running on turkey jerky and Larabars. My eyes were bloodshot, my dark circles (which I was born with) weren’t coverable with concealer they were black and again my hair..

My prayers were answered and I realized I needed to get myself together and back on my feet, the only way I was going to be able to be there for my grandma was if I took care of me as well. I thought this might make a great post for the blog due to the fact I have many of you emailing me asking me how to keep it all together, I used to think, time management and organization which are HUGE factors for day to day life but I never truly had an answer when life shifts happens until today.

4 Tips on How to Handle Grief and Loss

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apple cider vinegar

That shot of ACV…the one you take every morning that makes you cringe, it makes you gag BUT after that shot you feel GOOD, kinda like your pipes have been cleaned out and that hilarious face you made a second before is all gone.

I have been taking shots of ACV since I was 19…yes a young vegan teenager coming home from partying in LA to take her shot of ACV..

Crazy story, I became vegan because I was in a crystal/candle metaphysical shop in LA where a girl was shopping for magic potions and had the most crystal clear skin I had ever seen. I ran up to her and asked her what skincare she used and she said nothing and that she was vegan and used apple cider vinegar everyday. I immediately looked all of this magical information up and became vegan after a 3 day cruise with my Grandma and Mom, bought ACV that didn’t have the mother in it because I didn’t know any better and started my journey to health and wellness.

I have discussed my love for ACV here, so if you missed that DEF check that post out but since you are here and want to know how the heck to get rid of that nasty swig in the AM I have a few recipes for you to try depending on your taste buds you might like one or all three.

Apple Cider Vinegar Recipes

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Adaptogens for stress

Adaptogens is a hot term this year and while I am not a BIG pusher of supplements I will say adaptogens became apart of my routine last year and I have seen a significant improvement on my cortisol levels, my thyroid levels and just my overall energy. I talked about what I did to lower my cortisol levels naturally and adaptogens were apart of that formula, you can read more about that here.

But before you add another supplement to your already growing arsenal let us talk about them.

What Are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are considered nature’s miracle anti-stress and fatigue cure but before we crown them anything let’s break down exactly where they come from. Adaptogens are herbs, compounds/substances, according to “a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes. A well-known example is ginseng.”

How to Naturally Bring Down Cortisol

What Do They Do?

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Courtney Bentley Giveaway

I haven’t done a giveaway in OVER A YEAR, nuts right! I was thinking the other day, why not host a HUGE giveaway in honor of the launch of Fit and FABULOUS and a BIG thank you to those of you who have been reading my blog for the 6 years it has been going (NUTS right!)

Summer is literally around the corner, I can’t believe it! I spent the first part of this year moving back to America from Thailand, settling into our new home and redoing it all at the same time. My house has literally been under construction and we have been adjusting to Vegas life all while listening to drills and hammering all day.

Because of that, I have been taking time to get ample blow outs at LOOK Society, shopping sprees at Lorna Jane and just taking time to sit out and color in my Flower Coloring Book. What do you guys do when you are stressed? I wrote a post awhile ago about dealing with my high cortisol levels but sometimes this girl needs to take a step backwards!

fit and fabulous giveaway

After all this construction it will be summer summer time! I plan to spend summer lying by the pool, hosting bootcamps all over Vegas, speaking at events, curling up to a good book + hiking all while feeling FIT + Fabulous of course!

What do you plan to be doing this summer? Comment below and share, don’t forget to enter the giveaway and P.S you can enter EVERYDAY for more chances to win!

Fit and Fabulous Giveaway

Enter RIGHT NOW FOR A CHANCE TO WIN a $150.00 GiftCard to Lorna Jane (because we all need a new workout outfit to get us motivated to MOVE), the 30 Day Fit and Fabulous Challenge (learn more here) and a FREE Month of Online COACHING with ME (TOTAL VALUE: $350.00)

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Outfit:: Lorna Jane

Sneakers:: Nike

Photos By: Fly with Memories Sherrylynn Campanelli