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Weight Loss Hacks for Girl Bosses

I was inspired to write this post after quickly reading the “Growth Hacker Marketing” by Ryan Holiday. My internet bestie Annie (thelovelygirl) told me about if anyone knows about marketing it is her! This book was a quick read (I read it between client sessions and calls), and had tons of valuable information that I will be using for sure! The idea of hacking a goal used to seem wrong to me, I used to feel like it was cheating somehow, like could you really make a few changes to your lifestyle and see results like a change in dress size?

We all know those before/after photos are hard work, dedication and time. I would love to say that I just magically woke up with abs and didn’t have to diet, train and stay mentally focused while trying to make it all happen. Listen, you can lose weight and feel fabulous without dedicating 2 hours in the gym and an hour everyday with meal prep, it is possible if that is your goal and I am going to show you how with these 10 weight loss hacks you can easily implement into your life right now.

Weight Loss Hacks for Boss Babes:

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liver cleansing smoothie recipe

Party Girl? I sure am! I love a fine glass of champagne and if you know me I am one to go on a champagne campaign every now and then..and margaritas..pass a skinny with salt over! If you have been reading the blog for awhile, you know I am deeply Irish, the booze just runs through my veins. I know alcohol can slow down your metabolism and make you store fat BUT sometimes the party girl in me comes out and she wants to PLAY!

I try to balance everything know BALANCE right..

liver cleansing

After a crazy weekend I try and start my Monday off with a healthy dose of a veggie packed omelet and snack on this delicious smoothie to give my liver some loving.

The Liver Works…

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Revamp Your Week with The Monday Glow Guide

Have you ever felt like you got the hang of things during the week but Friday night after work comes and the only thing you want is a basket full of french fries and a bottle of wine? Or how about Saturday brunch that turns into a Sunday champagne campaign..that saying of “I will start Monday” occurs for everyone YES even myself (especially after a few glasses of champagne). Well, if this sounds like you, you might want to take a look at your Monday a bit differently and see that there is a way to kick start your week on a healthier note.

My internet bestie Annie of The Lovely Girl + her sister Cat of @TheGlowTrip (who needs a blog), created an incredible guide that easily takes you through a healthy week of making the right choices and getting back on the health train. Monday becomes Tuesday, then it becomes next week and your goal of losing a few dress sizes never happens because you didn’t have a plan. The thing I LOVED about the glow guide was that it was SO easy to follow and after I did it for just a week I felt like I was literally glowing from the inside out. And who doesn’t want to glow?

What The Glow Guide Includes:

  • A guide that helps you kickstart your week on a healthy note
  • A journal to keep track and document your experience with the journey
  • A shopping list so that you are SUPER organized (which trust me I am a TOTAL list girl and LOVED this)
  • Tons of recipes that are SUPER easy to make ahead or like myself run into target and grab
  • Delicious meal plans that make this lifestyle SO easy to keep up with

monday glow guide

What I LOVED about The Glow Guide:

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3 Healthy Dessert Recipes
Making big changes to your lifestyle can be tricky if you don’t have a back up plan for when cravings strike. I can promise you that cravings like sugar get easier as time goes on, trust me, I used to be a candy bag a day kinda girl once upon a time. My life, my drive and my energy relied on sugar, simple sugar like Swedish Fish and Jelly Beans. YES, I used to eat fast food and candy all day long and I got those cravings and habits out of my life simply by making a choice. Can I tell you that cravings never go, I wish I could.. but what I can tell you is that if you have a back up plan you can curb those cravings with something a lot more nutritious for you than a candy bar without feeling deprived.
I am a huge fan of greek yogurt for its dose of protein and sweet taste especially when you add a few drops of stevia and cinnamon. Whenever I crave ice cream, I hit the greek yogurt tub, mix up one of these concoctions and flip on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (guaranteed laugh fest)

Stop THE Sugar Cravings with These 3 Healthy Desserts

healthy dessert recipes

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Skinny Cocktails

Summer is upon us and like you I enjoy a drink or two while relaxing by the pool and on vacation. As we all know, alcohol can make or break our weight loss goals. When I am trying to shred down I don’t drink alcohol at all, I know it sounds extreme BUT I am Irish and I can’t just have one so its easier for me to forgo my buzz for a few weeks.

Yesterday I did my second Facebook live and talked all about cocktails because I have been receiving a lot of emails from you guys asking me how you can enjoy a cocktail while trying to slim I thought why not create a whole post about it! I also wrote about it here for more insight.Alcohol Calories and What You Should Order at the Bar

If you want to live a life and enjoy a few cocktails now and again here is a list of exactly what you should order to slim down and save calories at the bar. Don’t waste your hard work at the bar, its SO not worth it and with these 5 cocktail combos you can make at home or order when out and about you are SURE to keep your results and still enjoy your LIFE!

What You Should Order at the Bar : Low Calorie Alcohol Bar Drinks

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