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4 Pre Workout Foods to Eat for an Early Morning Workout

Dear CC

 Hi Jessica,

Thank you so much for participating in Ask CC! I picked your question first because I get asked this very same questions pretty often and I bet a lot of my readers will appreciate an answer.

There is a lot of information about pre workout foods, powders and special concoctions that will maximize your workout and give you what you need nutrition wise to power through. I understand that waking up at 4-5 AM to get your workout in is a challenge in itself and then trying to eat breakfast before means waking up even earlier and potentially feeling sick through your workout!

I am going to give you a few ways to get through this bind and since I am unsure of your goals I will write out a few suggestions depending if you are trying to lose weight, build muscle or just want to burn some fat!

Geek Time:

When you begin your workout, a thousand biochemical reactions are going on inside of your body. Glycogen is taken from inside of your muscle cells and broken down into glucose which is where is enters into your bloodstream and carries into the mitochondria of the cell. Enzymes come into action and start to break down stored fat into fatty acids and glycerol which is then used to fuel power your exercise. You want to get the most out of your pre workout especially since you will not be eating a meal before hand.

4 Pre Workout AM Suggestions:

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High Fiber Date Balls Recipe

Let’s talk FIBER. Fiber is something you and I need in order to have solid #2’s, blood sugar control (Soluble fiber may help to slow your body’s breakdown of carbohydrates and the absorption of sugar, helping with blood sugar control), weight loss and a healthy gut! I started to think more about fiber in my diet when I started to track my macros via My Fitness Pal for weight gain. I would end my day, check my stats and see I was missing fiber which I thought to be crazy considering majority of my diet is  filled with vegetables. Because of this, I whipped out a superfood I put away post competition and knew that chia seeds would be the perfect way to get more fiber into my diet.

The number of grams of fiber recommended is 25-30 grams so if you are having trouble using the toilet, take a note from me and make these little energy balls to solve your problem.

Before you run out and buy processed cereals, bars and packaged foods full of fiber, try to find ways to get your fiber through natural sources. I was intaking around 14-16 grams of fiber without trying and was having a hard time reaching that 25 number so much so I decided to do something about it so I created these little energy balls to enjoy in the afternoon.

High Fiber Energy Balls Recipe

High Fiber Energy Balls Recipe

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the other booty exercise

When you go to the gym and ask how to build a better side the answer is always SQUAT.

When you ask your trainer how to firm up your tush they will most likely answer you with Squat deeper..

When you Siri how to get rid of cellulite and magically turn your jello into a bootylicious dream it will answer you with SQUAT and shake it like Beyonce.

Ok, so you get it Squatting is the key but what other exercise will give you a shapely firm backside without racking your weight on the bar. I wish I could tell you that you could walk into a gym and squat all day but the reality is and reality bites sometimes, you need to do other exercises as well.

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5 Ways to Start Taking Action

It can be easy to stay in the same circle of friends, live the same life day after day, pick up the same snacks from the local convenience store but if you truly want change in your life, (and I am sure you do or else you wouldn’t be reading this), then you need to make changes. Of course, this is easier said than done and I can for one attest to the fact that getting into a groove and then taking a break and never getting back into the groove happens ALL THE TIME! I was stuck this morning trying to come up with blog topics and I started thinking of something that I personally struggle with and that is taking my “great” idea + actually putting it into ACTION! It is SO easy to make goals, write goals and think about goals but we will NEVER cross that finish line without actually taking the first step.

I want to share with you 5 ways to start taking action for either your first time or if you are like me and need some type of action plan to get going!

5 Ways to Take Action

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Sey Brand

You may read this title and wonder who Sey is + I am about to introduce you to the coolest, chicest and hippest athleisure in Bangkok. When I say athleisure, I mean gym clothes that you can wear as regular clothes and it is perfectly acceptable because nowadays brands like Sey have come out with clothes that just are WAY too cool not to be worn outside of the gym.

I pretty much live in my Tie Dyed Leggings with a large top and sneaker wedges (post coming next week) on the weekends and that adorable High Neck Crop gets worn as a top after a Ballet Barre class to meet for coffee with friends. I know I am not the only person running around town in a workout outfit that I have managed to flip into an errand outfit, do you do this too?

Sey Brand Thailand

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