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How To Tap Into Your Intuition

Life can give you a right or left direction path sometimes and this can make things complicated to say the least. I used to always feel like I was making a bad decision or making a poor choice and always feeling lost in some way that is until I started to trust my gut.

Have you ever just known things weren’t right, like you could hear someone telling you to not go down that road or that the person telling you information about another co-worker was trying to make havoc in the workplace? Or maybe you “heard” within yourself that something wonderful was going to happen that day and you met the love of your life or your new best friend?

This may sound crazy to you but I believe that there is an intuition inside of each and every one of us that helps us get in tough with our inner most selves. I started to brainstorm blog ideas for this month and for some reason this post kept coming up on my list out. Maybe it was meant to be and I hope these 4 tips help you trust yourself a bit more when it comes to life and your health and wellness.

4 Tips on How To Tap Into Your Intuition

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 3 Steps to Slim Down Naturally

I meet with women all the time who make exercise a priority in there lives but have yet to see the miraculous changes they read about in magazines and see on Instagram from working out daily. I find this a lot and am asked time and time again. I want you to know that as much as exercising is important and you should not stop exercising any time soon, what you consume is more important to reaching your goals. Certain forms of exercising can help you reach your physique goals depending on what you want to focus on but for right now lets focus on your  DIET..that’s right I said DIET.

With all the stress I have been going through with my Grandma’s passing and going back and forth from Las Vegas to Orange County I have been noticing a little budge in my stomach area. The thing is I have been keeping on point with my diet and exercise, it has been the stress and lack of sleep that added a little pudgy in my mid section. I know diet experts claim calories in calories out BUT I go above and beyond that because I know how eating dairy changes my digestive system, I know what eating a TON of sugar and crashing to eat MORE feels like and I sure as heck know what lack of sleep and tons of stress brings to my body..

I constantly get asked why belly fat won’t budge no matter what you do so here are 3 factors that relate to reducing belly fat and what you can do about it!

 3 Steps to Slim Down Naturally

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I AM SO excited over here to announce I am FINALLY launching Fit and Fabulous! After a crazy few months with moving, my grandma (read more here) and just trying to get back into US life it took me a bit to get back into the groove of making this project happen but I finally did it and I AM SO excited to share it with you!

This is a FULL 30 Day Fitness and Nutrition Guide that will take you to FIT and FABULOUS in just 30 Days! We work on getting your body tight through a 30 day workout plan, your mind RIGHT with lessons on affirmations and your nutrition on POINT!

Fit + Fabulous Workouts:

Each workout is around 30 minutes long and targeted to different body parts so that you get to focus in on that muscle group and really tighten and tone it. Each week brings you variety so you aren’t stuck doing the same movements over and over again, you will constantly progress giving you results while building muscle tone. As a certified personal trainer I saw a need to bring about a workout program that works and is made for someone who is just starting out lifting weights. I know how confusing it can be which is why I have a smartphone app with video movements to guide you through the entire program. YES, the entire program is in an APP which makes it so you can access these workouts if you travel, randomly end up at the gym or whatever happens you can make it a priority to WORKOUT! Everyone who has gone through my test group RAVES about the app because it makes everything CLEAR + easy to understand. You can also track your measurements, log your workouts and be held accountable to MOVE MOVE MOVE!

5 Ways to Start Taking Actionfit and fabulous

( cute is that water bottle BY SHOWERD BY DESIGN…grab yours here…)

Nutrition Guide to Tone Up:

The most important part of this program is the nutrition program and meal plan! Yes, I give you an exact scientifically proven FORMULA to follow to lose body fat, not starve yourself and have PLENTY of energy to rock the workouts. All the meals are tasty, easy to throw together and keep you FULL all day long. The meal plan is SPACED out to 6 tasty meals a day so that your metabolism is on FIRE! If you end up heading out to eat there is a formula you can follow with a portion size guide so you can enjoy going out to eat without worrying about your results. The amazing thing about this program is it gets you forming NEW habits so you will continue to see results past the program.

Fit and Fabulous Guide

Fit and Fabulous Guide

Fit and Fabulous Guide

Coaching Calls with Me:

Ok, so here is what is DIFFERENT about my program compared to others, you have ME as your coach to not only hold you accountable but to literally CHAT on the phone with or Skype Call in with! YES, you won’t print out a guide you paid for to stare at it and have a million questions where you submit them to a random person and hear a response back weeks later..NO NADA NOT HAPPENING OVER HERE! I am ALWAYS around to help you and assist you through the program, keep your goals in check + keep you MOTIVATED the entire time! (This is the reason I only host the challenge a few times a year and only allow 30 slots because I want to be there THE ENTIRE TIME)

Slim Down Naturally

Fit and Fabulous

Mind Session Emails:

I know what its like to go through a change in your life, trust me, I competed in fitness competitions in another country (I placed 3rd on my first run :D)! If I had not had a support system of friends I would have NEVER made it, If I had not said my affirmations every morning even on those days all I wanted was to stuff my face with chocolate I would have NOT been as shredded and probably not placed 3rd, see it was because I switched my mind frame around that I was able to be successful. I teach you how to set goals, use affirmations and YOU get to be apart of the Fit and Fabulous community full of women just like YOU who are going through the same EXACT thing you are! Social support is where its at and without it, it can be difficult to reach your goals!


How Do I Sign Up:

There are a FEW ways to jump into this challenge let me explain..

  • Enter the Giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The F&F giveaway will be open from May 19 through May 26, 2016. Winners will be announced on or before May 28 on my post and on Annie’s post. The leg workout will be emailed to everyone on or before May 28.

Along with my internet BFF Annie of The Lovely Girl (who tried, tested + LOVED the program, you can read her review HERE) we are hosting a GIVEAWAY to give ::

  • One Fabulous Girl + HER BESTIE will get a FREE 30 Day Fit & Fabulous Challenge Program and 1 Fit and Fabulous Water Bottle By: Showered with Design
  • Two Fabulous Girls + Their Besties will get a 50% off code for the 30 Day Fit & Fabulous Challenge Program
  • EVERYONE will get a copy of Annie’s favorite leg workout from the Fit & Fabulous Challenge which she did with her sister who absolutely LOVED the burn!

Fit and Fabulous Guide

  • Buy 1 Grab 1 For Your BESTIE FREE (because SOCIAL support is SO important)
    • Grab a FRIEND to join you along for the 30 DAY challenge so you can ROCK a bikini together all summer LONG!
    • Once You Purchase the Guide I will send you an email asking where to send your bestie’s program :)
    • This SECURES your spot so if you REALLY want to jump in the group June 1st I advise you HOP IN, I am only taking 30 girls which means 15 girls with their besties!

Fit and Fabulous d
30 Day Weight Loss Challenge
If you have ANY questions feel free to comment below or email me at

P.S I AM so proud of this product, it is literally changing lives not just bodies but the MIND and BODY!

I have been faced with a difficult circumstance in my life, one that has me questioning a lot about myself and my life’s purpose. One thing that never changes though is my confidence in WHO I AM, the things I LOVE to do and my priorities. Having all of these aligned is essential for health and wellbeing and I want to share with you 5 Tips to having more confidence in your body.

There are things that I do to make myself FEEL good: I lift weights, I use positive self talk, I journal with my heart and I keep people whose energy is supportive and loving. It can be hard to do sometimes, let me tell you, some days I feel bloated, some days I feel like I am not enough but I know exactly what to do to flip this negative Nancy behavior around!

5 Tips for Body Confidence this Summer

5 Tips for Body Confidence this Summer

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Healthy Snacks for Road Trips

I have been road trippin from Las Vegas to Orange County since March and let me tell you, road life is tough. You literally want to stop at every gas station before you hit the Mojave dessert and grab either a coffee or something sugar raging which is why I pack snacks and LOTS of them to keep me going + GOING STRONG towards my destination.

It is one thing to stop off and grab a Dole Whip after not having one for several years (did you see my snaps?), bringing back a good memory and letting it go, its another to be continuously traveling and needing to keep up with your health and wellness. The “oh I am on vacation” stops becoming an excuse, it just doesn’t cut it. I am not saying to NOT enjoy yourself but if you plan to travel around this summer, why diminish your results, why get off track when you know this will be your way of life for a few months? Make the decision to take care of yourself and stop making excuses with these healthy road trip snacks.

My Top Picks for Healthy Road Trip Snacks:

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