Healthy Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Healthy Cinnamon Roll Recipe

You know that warm cinnamon scent that you just can’t get enough of..

Cinnamon is one of my all time favorite scents and I can remember a time when I lined up at Bath & Body Works to gather every cinnamon smelling scented lotion, body spray and body wash they had at Christmas time so that I could smell like it all year long..

This scent also reminds me of my mother’s cinnamon rolls and the sweet scent of breakfast in the morning..

Unfortunately these times have passed and I now wear a mixture of essential oils that help calm my stress and make these when I start to have a taste for cinnamon rolls. I also add cinnamon to just about everything because who doesn’t LOVE cinnamon in smoothies, iced-coffees and greek yoghurt?

Cold Brew Coffee


The Truth About Sugar and why You need to SKIP it

how to end your sugar cravings

Life in high school was filled with fast food Del Taco, Taco Bell and of course Candy..

I would literally walk around with a bag of chocolate chips during finals week with hand to mouth eat large handfuls of chocolate chips. At break time, I would then proceed to drive thru Del Taco and chow down on two chicken soft tacos and a sugar filled lemonade. This was the norm for me and I have personally come a LONG way in changing my habits but not without goals and dedication to making changes.

end sugar cravings

I remember a time where I read online how bad sugar was for you so I went on a little protest against sugar and stayed away from the any food that contained the word SUGAR on the label but little did I know there are a few other names for sugar out there and until a few years ago I had NO idea that sucrose and maltodextrin were just another term for “sugar.”

You could be avoiding candy, sodas, and sugary sauces without realizing that foods like soy sauce, bread, ketchup, yoghurt and granola usually have sugar added…this is why you need to READ YOUR LABELS and watch out for these terms in a foods ingredients list:

Other Names for SUGAR:


What is Gelatin?

gelatin benefits

Circa 2009 if you told me I would be eating Beef Gelatin I would have laughed in your face..and even now I get a bit grossed out about it but the benefits far outweigh the thought of eating ground up beef collagen extracted from the skin, bones, + connective tissues..

I was a vegan, a classic junk food eating vegan but vegan, my skin aged, my health deterred and I became a grass-fed meat eating girl for the last couple of years. Mind you I do not eat meat every single meal, but I do balance my diet out with a few slabs of juicy steak every so often and I eat organic chicken and eggs almost daily.

What is Gelatin?

Because of my love of fasted cardio through the years I completely messed up my hormones, YES ladies STOP with the fasted cardio everyday it is messing with your Thyroid and this ages you, messes with your metabolism and stops your menstrual cycle. Because of several years experimenting with my body, I have come to find I am aging lets just say not so gracefully and an experiment of getting a cortisone shot in a pimple has left me with a dent in my forehead..que the bangs..and I needed a way to get more collagen into my diet, heal my gut and regain my health.


4 Tips to Cut Fat Without Cutting Down Your Food

4 Tips to Cut Fat Without Starving Yourself

When it comes for me to cut down some fat I always have a few go to’s that I insert immediately when dieting for vacation, upcoming competition or if I just want to alter my body fat a bit. I am not a fan of completely cutting out a food group and as I have learned in the past doing so causes hormone imbalances, thyroid issues and adrenal fatigue as well as other issues. If you manipulate when you eat certain macronutrients, you are able to prepare your body to lose fat and accelerate your results.

Not many people know this, but….

Starting your day off with a carb filled breakfast could be the reason you are hanging onto fat.

Yup, you heard me RIGHT, whether it be a healthy dose of oatmeal or a croissant both foods increase your insulin levels causing a spike in your blood sugars whether slow or fast. If you are having a hard time making changes in your body you could have too much insulin floating around in your cells. If your body has too much insulin, it lets those little guys float around attaching to cells and inflaming them with some padding and then increasing the fat especially in the midsection of your body.

How Do You Know if you have an abundance of INSULIN (Fat Fuel)


  • Sluggish, Weakness
  • Fatigue, Poor Concentration
  • Fogginess, Irritability
  • Crash after breakfast or other high carb meal
  • Constant Anxiety
  • Constant Weight Gain (tried fitness/diets etc)
  • Have Sodium Retention

So if this is you.. I challenge you for ONE week to have something other than carbs in the morning..

How to Lose Fat Without Starving Yourself

4 Tips to Cut Fat Without Cutting Down Your Food


How I Got My Cycle Back After 5 Years..

how I got my period back after 5 yearsI have a confession to make..

I have not had my period for 5 years..

Yes, you read that right..I have not had my period for almost 5 whole years and I am 26 years old. As scary as that sounds.. to be honest, I thought it was pretty cool up until about 3 years ago after I got married and wanted to have babies and start a family with my husband.

This will be a long post so I apologize if I bore you with my story but I really want to share my story because after these last 2 years of Dr. appointments, cancer scares, tests and doing everything besides pumping my body full of estrogen pills, I learned that I am not alone on this and that 1,000’s if not more..other women are dealing with the same exact thing. This post is not a doctors recommendation nor am I claiming to have a cure or a magical remedy to what to do if you miss your period, but it is my story in its entirety in hopes that someone googles it and finds they too are not alone…


BCAA: Branched Chain Amino Acids

what are bcaas

I have to write a quick little apology and say I am sorry that I have been MIA on Instagram, blogging, Facebook etc..I guess I am overwhelmed in work and just needed a break from it all so I took an unannounced little break and it felt really good to take a step back and reflect on my life a bit. I personally think the diet I used for my competition left me a little hazy so that could be another reason I just did not feel like being creative or it could just be a little burn out who knows..

During my past competition prep I was fortunate enough to be sponsored by a supplement shop here in Bangkok and got to try supplementing during my prep. I am not a big “supplement” person as I feel that you can get most all nutrients through food but when you are cutting or dieting it can be hard to get all the nutrients your body needs to function because you are cutting out food groups and calories plus sweating out nutrients and calories. When this is all happening it can be difficult on your body to function properly and cause more stress on your organs and deplete your minerals which in turn messes with your cells. Beyond supplementation of protein powder which I mention here, I sipped on BCAA’s to preserve my muscle mass and help curb sugar cravings.

BCAA for Weightloss

What are Amino Acids + Why Do They Matter to Me?


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