8 Remedies for Stomach Bloat

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This post came as an inspiration to me as I have had a client want to do a photo shoot + she needed some quick fixes to get rid of some stomach bloat. I too had been experiencing some bloat and I was unaware that some of the foods I was eating were causing me more harm than good (ahem dried fruit..) After a few weeks of elimination, no eggs, no wheat, no sugar (I tried..) and trying to find the cause I was finally able to put my finger on what foods besides dried fruit that I was eating that were making me look like I was pregnant. No joke, I could literally watch my stomach fill up looking as if I were magically creating an alien baby or suddenly became 3 months pregnant.

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I came to the conclusion..

1. Whenever I ate fruit with skin on it (apples, pears) my stomach would start to grow and

2. I was not taking my probiotic as I had run out and forgot to order more

I also had to cut down on the dried fruit but this was something I have to do anyways in order to get ready for my competition (info here). 

Chinese pears happen to be one of my all time favorite fruits, I literally can eat three huge ones in one sitting and be smiling with joy throughout. After learning that the term “organic” in Thailand is not regulated like it is America, I came to the conclusion that although I tried my best to buy organic fruits and vegetables there was a pesticide on the skin which soaked into the fruit that I am allergic too. After learning this I was truly disappointed but at the same time relieved that I am not losing my mind or becoming intolerant to fruit.

Probiotics are essential for digestive health and as I have a weak digestive system, I have to take matters into my own hands and put healthy bacterias back in myself through the use of Probiotics. Although I enjoy a kombucha and kefir water from time to time, I think it was not enough to replace the power of a good probiotic. I personally use Jarrow Formulas (link here, use code LDZ954 to save $) as I can travel with them and not worry about keeping them cold but if you do not travel often make sure to buy one that has to be kept in the cold, these are always the best.

8 Remedies for Stomach Bloat::

But because my stomach was severely bloated I did take some steps and offer these steps to clients who experience any type of bloat and want to get rid of that stomach quickly:


Thailand Fitness Competition Update + Supplements

Bikini Competition Diet

Announcement: I am entering another fitness competition May 31st! I was not going to enter as I am trying to “bulk” up and grow but after they put me on the flier I said why the heck not!

This time I am switching things around and trying a different approach and keeping my carbs constant, my protein a bit lower to relieve my kidneys and liver and upping my fats a bit. The last time I carb cycled and while it worked well for me I decided to switch things up this time and try a different approach. The only way to learn what works for you is to test things up, shake things up a bit and judge the outcome. What works for some “instagram” chick may not necessarily work for you so you have to listen to your body, measure your progress and decide from there. You can read about my very first journey to the stage here::

bikini competition plan

My Diet:


Detox Drink for Weight Loss

Apple Cider Detox Shot

There is a lot of debate on the “detox” topic and whether you are on PRO-detox or Against the “detox” thing we all know one thing for sure and that is the world around us from the soil our food is grown in to the air we consume is filled with toxins that our bodies have to filter through every single day. Eating a fresh variety of produce and antioxidant rich foods helps with this elimination of toxins but if you are like me and live in a highly polluted area you may need a bit extra help.

I personally have been shooting Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV, as I like to call it for over five years and I can tell you that it has calmed the storm in my digestive tract, woken me up after a night of partying and helped my body feel refreshed, recharged and detoxed. I advise many of my friends and clients to shot the ACV and although they squint and make funny faces while shooting this concoction it has proven to be one thing that has helped aid them in digestion issues as well as help with weight loss.

If you have read my alkaline/acid blog post, you understand that keeping your body in a neutral state is the best for your health. A shot of ACV helps bring you back to neutral after a night of acidic eating and drinking or maybe one too many coffees and espressos.

Detox Drink for Weight Loss:


How to Avoid a Junky Weekend

how to avoid a junky weekend

You are going out for your best gal pals birthday and if its like any other time you all get together you are ready for pina coladas and nachos with a main dish of pasta ravioli.

You have got four choices…

#1: Go out with your friends and order healthy

#2: Join in and Indulge

#3 Skip it and make a lame excuse

#4: Enjoy a few chips a vodka soda but stick mainly to your clean eating plan

Hopefully you stick with #4, go out and BE SOCIAL because sitting at home when your friends are posting pictures on Instagram is just DEPRESSING! Make smart choices when dining out, think lean protein plus steamed veggies, broth based soup and salad with light dressing, avoid the fried foods, creamy sauces and hearty pasta dishes.

how to avoid a junky weekend

Helpful tips when dining out:


Tips for Group Class

tips to tackle group class

You walk into a group class, look around and feel like everyone knows what is going on, what is going to happen and are dedicated to the program. You may even be fearful of falling over, not being able to catch on, don’t sweat it, sweetheart, this article will give you some tips to follow that will make you a confident rock star!

Going into your first group class can be intimidating especially when you are new to exercising, the gym and especially the class. You may even avoid checking out that new dance class because you are that fearful! Take the plunge, pick up a schedule at your gym and pick out a few classes that work with your schedule!

Tips for Group Class

The pros of group fitness classes are they occur every week at a set time, set instruction, a motivating teacher PLUS a group of people who like you, are there to sweat up a storm.

Tips + Tricks For Group Class:


Power Protein Muffins Recipe

Power Protein Muffin Recipe

When you switch to a clean eating lifestyle A LOT happens..all of a sudden your jeans are loose, your stomach is flatter and the amount of energy you have is through the roof! But on occasion those taste buds on your tongue start to signal + remind you of how delicious sugary snacks are, how tantalizing salty crispy chips are and that might just drive you up the wall unless you have a healthy prepared treat to stop you from losing your cool!

All throughout elementary school I was a muffin, cookie and brownie girl..all things baked, gooey and delicious with just enough chocolate and lots of sugar of course! As I grew up and out of this “sugar” addiction I discovered that I could create muffins, cookies and brownies without the guilt + the sugar!


Power Protein Muffins Recipe


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