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Tabata Training

YES! I am SOO excited to announce my Free 30 Day Workout Challenge through my Private Facebook Group because..

  1. I am opening enrollment to YOU my blog readers
  2. It will be FULL LENGTH videos for you to follow..
  3. The workouts are ALL under 10 MINUTES with stretching and cool down..
  4. It will be one amazing community sticking together to make SHIFTS happen!
  5. the list could go on on HOW EXCITED I AM..

I did a lot of research yesterday because I am quite the research nerd, I found out from you guys that time was a HUGE issue as to why you weren’t getting fit and I get it, trust me, as of late I have been expanding my business and it takes a LOT out of you especially when you do everything trust me, I get the TIME sucks, I get the late nights I GET IT!

4 minutes to tigt

I believe that MOVEMENT is MAGIC..yes when you MOVE magic happens in your body, your energy shifts, your mind opens up and that creative flow you so long for appears. I came up with an idea for this after a Pull Day at the gym and knew I needed to give back to you guys who have been following me for oh..6 years some of you! Even if you are recent I truly appreciate you taking the time to read my posts, comment and all of the above, it keeps this little 5’2 blonde chicks dream alive.

Anyways, the challenge..

What Does This 30 Day Workout Challenge Entail:

  • 30 Days of Full Length Workouts, All workouts are QUICK, EFFECTIVE + targeted. Each workout with stretch, cool down and going through the movements with me in the beginning is less than 10 minutes. I will be posting the workouts the day before the day of the workout so August 1st’s workout will be posted July 31st (you need a jump rope, 10-20 lb kettle bell and a set of dumbbells at 5-8 lb)
  • Weekly challenges that will take your HEALTH to the next level without changing much more..
  • Community of all of us cheering you on and time to ask questions and check in, stay MOTIVATED by checking into the group EVERYDAY for the 30 days, I will be posting all kinds of FUN things in here!!

Pretty simple right? I made it SUPER easy for all you boss babes who are having a hard time making fitness a priority. I want you to MOVE and make MAGIC with me..

4 Minutes to Fit

So How Do I Join the Free 30 Day Workout Challenge?

  • You Can Join by logging into Facebook and going to this link: once there click JOIN and I will let you in! Super Simple!
  • We start August 1st so get READY to MAKE SHIFTS HAPPEN!
  • I am also doing a contest, whoever invites the most girls to the group gets a 30 minute Skype Call with Me which will include a go over of your diet and tips to make it better, and my 10 Day Jumpstart Program (oner a $99.00 value) and all you have to do is invite fellow girl bosses to join the fun!

SO I wanna know..

  • Have you ever done an online fitness challenge?
  • What was it like?

Aromatherapy for Insomnia

A time ago I was staying up ALL night long like eyes wide open, hands moving and my mind going around in circles. I like to call myself a crazy creative because that is true to who I am, I love to create, movement sequences, write, speak, whatever I just love to create but my creative self tends to work best in a flow of madness. I am def not the girl who sits down and micro manages her schedule, I wish I was a type A and almost all my closest friends are full on type A but I am totally not at all! Please type A readers give me some suggestions on to do list apps, I end up NEVER looking at mine and writing little things on scraps of paper all over the house..haha (see not type A)

Basically, my creative mind just flows sometimes and it doesn’t stop. When I was a little girl I would literally stay up all night watching Muppet Babies on Nickelodeon and playing my Sega Genesis until it was time to go to school again the next day (hence why I have black circles always). I know how important sleep is for our bodies, and now we know that lack of sleep is worse than eating junk food your entire life (how CRAZY is that).

Aromatherapy for Insomnia

I had to learn ways to help myself fall asleep and if you have been reading my blog for awhile you know I talk about writing out everything going on in your head before hitting the pillow, taking melatonin when needed and doing extremely deep belly breathes 10-20 minutes before bedtime. I usually do my breathes after I wash my face to set the tone and mood for the next 20 minutes pre sleep. I have since started adding some lavender spray to my pillow and let me tell you it is a TOTAL game changer. I have never slept better and I have the BEST dreams.

What is Aromatherapy?

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productivity tipsIn the age of distraction, it can be so easy to veer off your desk at home and start cleaning, doing chores or in my case playing with my shih-tzus. I do take a break every 30 minutes and walk around my house but get right back to work, this took a few years for me to be able to do because in that break time I always found an email I forgot to answer which led to more things added to my to do list and I would get completely off track so much so I would look at the clock and it would already be 10 PM..

In the last year I have found a few tools and tips that have helped me get way more done in a day compared to the lack of getting anything done like I did before. I want to share with you the techniques and tools I use in hopes they help you get one more thing out of your way and one more part of that dream project checked off.

Boss Babe Productivity Tips
Boss Babe Productivity Tools
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Best Salon in Las Vegas

I know my blog is all about health and wellness but if you remember from this post where I talk about my Thai life, I am a total glam girl. I love getting my hair blown out, I love LOVE wearing makeup (as natural as possible of course) and I love SHOPPING! In my life I have gone through MANY transformations, changes and even diets, at one point in my life I was a raw vegan but I have NEVER changed my hair color. I have been bleaching my hair since I was 13 years old. Since moving to Vegas, I have been pinning images of girls with multi-dimensional blondes of all shades, fades and lengths for over six months. I never thought I could pull it off, like I said I had been the same shade of blonde for over 14 years!

I finally took a plunge and trusted Cameren Morger at Kaya Salon to do my hair makeover after seeing the beautiful color they did via Instagram (total INSPO @kayabeauty). The color combo I wanted can be done but I have seen some pretty messed up fades in my time (dip dye anyone?)

There are millions of salons here in Vegas, when I first moved here I was shocked at the amount of eyelash extension spots and hair salons which for me meant just about anyone can open a salon..I was scared, I won’t lie to you guys, I have literally been bleach blonde for over 14 years, making a change like this is SCARY! I knew I had to make the change because my hair just won’t grow, I had tried Viviscal, not washing my hair, cutting it every 6 weeks, let’s just say I am sick of clipping hair extensions in everyday. I had to take the plunge.

My Before/After Photo:

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Best Protein Powder

Ok, I have been SUPER against protein powders for SO long but since upping my game in my business I have found throwing some greens powder and protein powder in water has freed up some of my time. The thing is, I was against protein powders for many years because of the artificial flavorings, unknown ingredients and low regulation on supplements here in the United States. I would never recommend just buying a protein powder that someone tells you to buy, more than half the time these are promoted and that chicka is being paid. I get it, she’s got bills to pay etc but over here I like to keep it real and share with you what I know to be the best protein powders list I can think of. Please comment below if you know of more, I am not a supplement shop owner or someone who is super duper into supplements so I am only sharing those I have tried and recommend to my personal clients.

Best Protein Powders List

Side Note: Did you know one of the easiest ways besides this three, to lose weight is to eat at least 25-30 grams of protein in the morning? Your body automatically signals itself to relax and keep you full longer so if you find yourself ravished post breakfast you may want to consider the amount of protein you are eating versus the amount of carbohydrates.

Top 6 Best Protein Powders List

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