5 Reasons You Are Not Seeing Results at the Gym

5 Reasons You Are Not Seeing Results at the Gym

You have been working out and sweating everyday, eating healthy and making all of those changes you know you needed to make in order to have that bikini body, but you still are not seeing those results you have been working so hard for.

Here are 5 reasons you may not be seeing results in the gym:

  • Not drinking enough water

As you have already been told 5 million times, you must drink water in order to lose weight, to have good health and hydrate your body properly. According to MayoClinic.com, the body is 60% water and water flushes the toxins out of vital organs, carries vital nutrients to your cells and provides moisture for your ear, nose and throat tissue. A lack of hydration can lead to low energy levels causing you to be tired. The amount you need to maintain a hydrated, properly function system depends on your activity level, climate conditions and current weight. An interesting way to tell if your properly hydrated is by checking your urine color, the lighter the color the more hydrated you are. If your urine is dark in color you may need to add a few more oz. of water to your daily intake. Aim for 8 cups (64 oz.) of water a day and see where that takes you and replace all calorie containing beverages with water. I also recommend drinking one or two glasses of water prior to eating, this helps you distinguish your hunger levels properly. Your body could be sending you dehydration signals that you are interpreting as hunger. Studies show drinking water before a meal has helped many people naturally lose weight.

Tip:: Start everyday with hot water with lime or lemon to start your spleen up for the day and get your digestive juices flowing!

5 Reasons You Are Not Seeing Results in the Gym

  • Not eating enough FOOD

Yes, not eating enough food can cause weight gain and will slow down your metabolism. It is all about making smart choices when it comes to food, not avoiding it all together. Eat when you are hungry, chew slowly and eat an organic, all natural diet. If your body is sending you hunger signals, drink some water and wait about 15 minutes and if you are still hungry eat. If you do not feed your body with enough calories, it will start to hold onto the food you do eat and store it as fat. Reducing caloric in take below energy needs sets off survival mechanism which results in lowing metabolic rate on average by 15%.

Focus on lean proteins and load up on those vegetables at every meal. Vegetables provide you with fiber which soaks up excess calories and removes them as waste from your body. With the focus on an all natural diet 80% of the time, you can enjoy some cocktails as an occasional treat!

Tip:: Well supported:: 30-35caloires per kg/bodyweight to support aerobic + an-aerobic activity and increases hypertrophy (increase in muscle size), and hyperplasia (muscle cell size)

5 Reasons You are Not Seeing Results at the Gym

Check out my 10 Day Meal Guide to Eat Lean + Find Out HOW much food you can actually eat in order to lose weight!

  • Consuming liquid calories

Drinking your calories is one disaster that is easily avoided. Water is 0 calories and by flavoring it up with mint leaves, cucumbers and lemon/limes you can easily drink enough of it. Liquid calories are usually the culprit when it comes to someone not experiencing weight loss results. You may think that smoothie is doing you favors, but it could actually be the reason you are not seeing results. That snack smoothie may be running you 500+ calories without you even realizing it. Smoothies are healthy, yes, they are all natural, but having a smoothie filled with 5 different fruits could mean you are breaching that 500 calorie mark on just a snack. Be sure to switch your smoothie and juice ingredients from fruit to vegetables. To sweeten your juice or smoothie add all natural Stevia, herbal tea or sweet herbs like mint leaves, which are all 0 calorie ways to sweeten without the added calories.

  • Hormonal Imbalance

When the hormone balance is lost, your body may act in unpredictable and undesirable ways. Thyroxin (the main hormone produced by the thyroid gland, acting to increase metabolic rate and so regulating growth and development) which is the KEY hormone for carb and fat metabolism is controlled by the adrenal gland which is controlled by the hypothalamus (controls hunger, body temperature and thirst). When T3 and T4 (produced by the thyroid) get altered it can hurt your metabolic rate. Hyper/hypo thyroid is common and if you are over the age of 35 you should get your thyroid checked and see how well your hypothalamus is working.

Estrogen is another weight gainer and for women who are estrogen dominant, meaning they are high in hormone estrogen & insulin levels, can experience fluid retention, bloating, cramping, intense cravings, and mood swings.

Stress is a huge cause to imbalanced hormones and without a balance in your hormones you may experience weight gain no matter what. I urge all of my clients to get there hormones tested if the “eat clean, train mean” method is showing them no progress after four-six weeks. I can tell you 9 times out of 10 my client has an imbalance and with the right support from a Dr or naturopath she is able to lose the weight and experience a balanced lifestyle.

5 Reasons You Are Not Seeing Results in the Gym

  • No Goals

When I wake up and make the “it is to hot” to workout excuse or whatever comes to my mind I imagine myself with my goal body. I also have a vision board next to my bedside with some realistic bodies that are the same as mine, just fitter and I say ok LETS DO THIS. If I have to workout at home, I DO, If I have to prepare a few times a week, I DO IT and I ROCK it because I have goals for myself.


  • Grab a piece of paper
  • Write your goals (drink more water, prepare food,eat more vegetables and crowd out the chips, try a new group class etc.)
  • Grab a calendar and write out your work schedule, social schedule and whatever else you have going on that is ABSOLUTELY scheduled.
  • Grocery Store
  • Workouts
  • Food Prep

If your social calendar is insane find ways to include fitness/health into a social activity:

  • Bring your girlfriends to the farmers market for breakfast and get your shop on.
  • Go on a hike and bring a picnic lunch instead of lunch at a cafe.
  • Host a cooking class at your house.
  • Ask your girlfriend if she wants to take a group fitness class with you instead of going to happy hour.
  • Offer to bring lunch for one of your coworkers you usually lunch (fast-food) with and eat it outside for some fresh air.

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HealthBox Thailand

health box thailand

Meal prepping for a bikini competition is critical to your overall success. I think I may have watched 100 YouTube videos of competitors talking about there experiences and each one says:

#1 Consistency is KEY

#2 Be prepared with MEALS, snacks and willpower

and #3 Workouts

With all of this mind and an overwhelming schedule I had to sit down and really map out EVERYTHING from when I had time to go and buy my jewelry, shoes and get my beauty (nails,hair wax) on. My biggest challenge was setting my willpower on high so I would not eat an entire cocoa tahini jar to myself. I stay pretty consistent with my meals and I had to cut down on my salt intake so spices and traditional sauces that make everything DELICIOUS had to be cut out making my chicken, eggs, rice and vegetables pretty bland.

One day, I was starring at my chicken, 10 green beans, salad, and black rice saying OMG not another bland meal! Thank goodness for Khun Apple, owner, who came to my rescue from HealthBox Thailand. I had met her at a past Women’s Networking Event here in Thailand and she had wrote me referring me a client and we got to chatting. After a few messages back and forth she offered me a trial of HealthBox and the best part was she catered to my nutritional macros for that day and intolerances which for me consist of dairy, shellfish and pork. I could not believe how catered it was, many meal programs just care if you are vegetarian and never take your macros into consideration so you usually end up with loads of carbohydrates, small protein sizes and a few vegetables making a meal never seem complete. This was definitely not the case for HealthBox and I recommend there services to anyone who is looking to eat healthy delicious meals without the hassle of sourcing ingredients and cooking!

HealthBox Thailand Meals::

health box thailand

Breakfast: Egg + Spinach Fritatta with green salad + 1 cup iced coffee/water mix with a sprinkle of Stevia. This was the perfect portion size to fuel me for my group class. Tuesday was a cardio day so I needed some carbs and protein to get my energized!

HealthBox Thailand

Snack:: Homemade Granola Bar, this one was my favorite because it was chewy and not crunchy like most granola bars and it was the perfect size to feel like a treat!

HealthBox Thailand

Lunch:: Curry Chicken, this one was so good I licked the bowl, not kidding! I loved the flavors of the spices and because I had been eating bland chicken with some seasonings for three weeks it was a nice change up.

HealthBox Thailand

Dinner:: Tuna Bean Salad: My mouth watered when I opened this box because I love TUNA! The combination of herbs and spices was very refreshing and I was super full after dinner!


+Weight Loss:: Your meal plan will be designed by a nutritionist who will give you a meal plan that is satisfying, fulfilling and will speed up your metabolism. The menu changes to keep things interesting and never boring!

+Healthy Eating:: The healthy eating program is set up for individuals looking to have a balanced diet of healthy food with the convince of just opening up a recyclable box. Everything that is served to you is of the freshest quality and designed by a nutritionist to make sure you are getting the perfect amount of carbs, proteins and fats.

How to Order:

1. Call 02 972 9919 or 091 771 1179 or email info@healthbox.co.th with your Name, Phone Number + Height/Weight. The nutritionist at Healthbox will determine your portion sizes for your goals.

2. Specify allergies, goals for meal programs and what days you want the meals for. Call 24 hours before to leave time for preparation.

3. Final costs are mailed to you and you transfer your dues.

4. Meals are delivered between 10:30-12 AM weekdays for lunch, dinner then breakfast the following day.

SIMPLE. Way better then hailing a cab to carry 6 armfuls of bags..The process was really easy and the ability to specify what I needed to reach my goals was a huge deal to me! I was so happy that all of my needs were met with delicious and healthy food!

Courtney Kelly

HealthBox Thailand Information:

Website:: http://www.healthbox.co.th/

Facebook:: https://www.facebook.com/healthboxthailand

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Sandi Ross: Talks TCM, Aloe Vera + Detoxes

Bangkok Naturopath

Moving to Bangkok as an expat is quite a unique experience, not because of the culture shock, that is evident, but because you get to meet to the most interesting people on the planet (at least I think so). I met Sandi when I first started Bangkok Babes Bootcamp last year and had heard many amazing things about her and her practice as a naturopath and acupuncturist. Not only is Sandi into a healthy lifestyle, she is young, vibrant and beautiful! After meeting her and picking her brain a bit, I took a look at my own life and was so motivated to make some changes to create a better me that I started working with her on a weekly basis. Sandi works with me on my adrenal fatigue and hormonal balance and with only a month into our sessions I can tell you I feel much calmer, need 0 coffee to get me through a hectic active day and have stopped feeling short of breathe.

Not only has she inspired me to get back into educating myself (I just took on a hormone course through my fitness association) but she has inspired me to slow down and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me and breathe it all in (literally)! She is a true inspiration, smart and her hunger for knowledge and to share this knowledge inspires me every single day so I am so excited to introduce you all to her.

Sandi Ross

♡ Tell us a little about you – a current project or goal you are tackling? 

I am a naturopath, nutritionist and acupuncturist from Australia. I work with female hormonal disorders, digestion, children’s allergies, stress support and mental health for both men and women.

I hold a Bachelor in Health Science (Nutrition and Complementary Medicine) and a Masters in Health Science (Traditional Chinese Medicine). I have been mentored by great doctors and worked with some of the best in my field (all in my short life so far). I have been in full time clinic for 6 years now (how time flies), and this year I am also starting to blog about all things healthy. I have recently written an E-book on detoxification “The 21 Day Cleanse”, and will have the recipe companion out later in the year.

Website:: http://www.urbannaturoapthicliving.com/

♡ What got you into TCM and when did you know this was your passion?

At a young age, a naturopathic doctor healed me, by just a few acupuncture needles and a diet change. I was so inspired by my healing, that I have spent my life from then on learning about the human body and its innate healing mechanisms.

Naturopath and Accupuncture

♡ How do you define “wellness”? What does it mean to “be well” to you?

Wellness is a healthy mind and body. It’s about a balance between all the systems in the body, from the food you eat, the thoughts you create to the energy (Qi) you circulate.

I believe in moderation. A little wine, occasional cheese and even a little gluten! (yes, I said it!). (p.s WHY I LOVE HER) However, I see a lot of people are all or nothing. I have mostly a gluten, dairy and refined sugar free diet, but I wouldn’t freak out if I can’t always access my ideal foods. Finding the perfect balance, excepting when we have to relax and let go but staying focused majority of the time is how you maintain wellness.

♡ What is the biggest misconception when it comes to detoxing? 

I recently read an article on social media about how detoxing is a myth. Well, this is wrong! In our liver, we have metabolic detoxification pathways that are responsible for metabolizing everything that enters your body. This includes toxic substances, hormones, and unwanted chemicals. The liver converts these substances, to a non-toxic form that the body can then safely excrete. Excretion of toxins is via the skin, bowels and urine; so these supportive organs need to be in tiptop shape to prevent the reabsorption of toxins back into the blood stream. Naturally we can metabolize toxins so we don’t need to actually go on a detox. However, with an overloaded toxic system, alcohol, stress, medications, polluted environment and mentality, detoxifying can allow so many benefits.

Detoxifying however should be done slowly and is best done over a period of at least 21 days.  This is why my E-book “The 21 Day Cleanse”, works on all the organs of elimination, not just the liver over a 3 week period.

We change the oil in our cars, the filter in our water systems, so we should indeed service our body.

21 Day Detox Program

NOTE: This book is the bees knees, unlike other detox books she is an actual naturopath and teaches you why you need to detox, how to do it and make it easy for you to do it whether you are a beginner or have done several cleanses before. Totally doing this after my competition in Jan! Grab your copy HERE <—

♡ What is one natural beauty product you cannot live without?

My favorite thing is to snap off fresh Aloe Vera and rub it all over my face before bed. Natural toner, antioxidants for cell protection and it’s free! Otherwise, I would say coconut oil, its great for everything internal and external, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

Sandi Ross Bangkok Naturopath

♡ Tell us about your perfect day – start to finish. What would you do and who would you spend your time with?

I would wake at a bungalow on the beach rising with the sun, drink a large glass of warm water with lime, and then sit on the balcony with the view. (detox 101)

I would then go for a run along the sand bare foot, then finish with my yoga and mediation.

For breakfast I would make a smoothie, with local fruits, coconut, some rice protein, nut butter and some cacao nibs.

I love what I do, so even in a dream life, I would go to the clinic, or spend some time skyping clients, and writing about health, while sipping herbal tea all day long.

Lunch is normally quinoa, grilled vegetables; boiled egg, lime juice, pink salt and olive oil. (YUMMMYYYY)

In the afternoon I might have a cold pressed juice, bliss ball, a raw treat or my all time favorite hummus, along with a matcha green tea or rooibos.

Afternoons: I miss the surf, so I would squeeze some beach time in there for sure. Otherwise I would go to a yoga class, see my family or unwind at home (I have become massively introvert these days, and love it!)

Evenings: I would cook dinner for my partner Jesse and myself. This might be a super food salad, a vegetable soup, and bean patties, home made Mexican or a stir-fry. I would unwind with a book, or watch a documentary. Ideally I would try to meditate even if it’s the in the form of gratitude.

I would have lights out no later than 10.30 pm so I can get my 8 hours of sleep.

♡ Any fears moving to Thailand from the Gold Coast?

Only when I first arrived to Bangkok. My job can be intense, and at first all my clients would ask my age, and how much experience I had. Now all my clients are word of mouth so no more debriefing. I had no problems with culture change, it was only hard to source all my food at first.

♡ Share a quote that best describes your outlook on life. 

Bangkok Expat Accupuncturist

Get Social::

√ Instagram:: http://instagram.com/soulbodyessence

√ Website:: http://www.urbannaturoapthicliving.com/

√ Facebook:: https://www.facebook.com/sandilouiserossnaturopath

If you live in Bangkok, Thailand be sure to check out Sandi’s practice at Niramaya Center info here <–


Fitness Fashion: L.A.M.B.

fitness fashion

As part of my “self love’ campaign (check that post out here) I am going to start doing a fitness fashion series. I truly love fashion + although I spend majority of my week in Lorna Jane crops, tennis shoes + a workout tank I LOVE to do my hair, put on makeup and dress up. I am always in sort of an “active” type outfit which in the fashion world is defined at “active street wear,” although sometimes you may catch me all dolled up in a dress rocking Loubs with my precious new Stella bag.

Fitness Fashion: L.A.M.B.

fitness fashion1

I tend to wear clothes that I can go from lunch to a client to my own workout in. I am a “functional” fashionista in that sort so that is why I LOVE this LAMB outfit. I literally love how chic it looks all zipped up with heels and all open with sneaks.

I bought this outfit during my last trip to Los Angeles and literally fell in love with the entire collection. I ended up buying three pieces from the spring 2014 L.A.M.B collection and wish I had boughten more but they did not have my size! I picked up this sports bra at a local Thai market and love wearing it when I need to just chill. Lately I have been on ONE since I am competing in a week so I am wearing my “chill” sports bra to make sure I am relaxing and enjoying the process.

fitness fash

Little update on my competition prep: I am doing a-ok! I really want to share constant updates but it has been difficult because I am learning SO much myself. Next time I think I will hire a coach because there is SO much information online! One minute I am reading to keep on my macros, the next I am reading to eat tons of carbs four days pre-show and no food the day of the show plus NO water..Of course I want to look my BEST on show day + for sure want to avoid ending up like those girls who blow up like a balloon from edema after a show..YES this happens, want to see it google bikini model edema, CRAY!

My plan has been to carb cycle which has worked well for me in the past, to drink some red wine day of my show and tapper down on water as well. Since this is my FIRST show and I only hired a posing coach (THE BEST EVER, post on this soon), I just plan to show up knowing I did my best!

I believe that sometimes you just have to dive in and do something so you can learn from it, learn how to be better the next round or just learn that what you thought was so amazing really is not SO amazing for you. You would never know you loved or did not like something unless you went for it and tried it, whether it be KALE, strutting a bikini on a runway or lifting weights!

So I wanna know..

Are you taking January 2015 by storm? Have you done anything to just do it and learn from it? Any bikini girls out there want to throw me some advice?

Photos By: Monika Lauridsen

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The Four Nutrients of Self Love

Nutrition for Self Love by Courtney Bentley

I have declared the year of 2015 as my year to soul search + bring forth more SELF love to myself.

This year I plan to dedicate the majority of it to self love and my spirituality. I have goals in place, I have my mind straight, but for some reason I just feel I need to focus on these two important aspects of my life and wellbeing.

To do this I plan to nourish my body with more fats to get my hormones regulated, meditate and say no to ideas and events that do not best serve me. Does this sound selfish? A bit. But without a healthy abundance of self love for myself I am unable to share unconditional love for others.

I recently spoke at Yogatique about the four nutrients of self love. Many of us tend to associate ourselves with terms like dairy free, IF, low carb etc. without every associating ourselves with the word nourishment and love. I wanted to share with the room the pros of nourishing your body with self love and how including a well rounded diet filled with fats, carbohydrates, proteins and liquids can fill that void of not being enough, of not having enough and not being of abundance. Do you ever find yourself craving for x,y and z and feeling like you will die without it?

Do you ever feel like you are lacking some kind of vitamin or nutrient from your body?

This could be a craving for more love for your mind, body and soul. A lot of people say I have willpower when it comes to my diet and it is true to an extent, but it is not willpower that keeps me away from processed foods, crisps and foods that contain 0 nutrients. It is the power to fill those unsatiaifed voids with love and eating a well balanced diet helps with that too. I also focus my mind on what my body needs and constantly tune into it. For instance if I feel lathargic, tired and cold it means I need more iron rich foods rich, so I will enjoy bone broth or some meats or if I am brusing easily I will ask myself have I eaten food that contains Vitamin K?

self love

Your new mission for 2015, your new intention and obligation should be to your health. Work on how you feel and not what others think of you. You spend all of your energy taking care of those around you, why not put that energy into yourself?

Focus on foods that nourish your body, foods that contain REAL energy not chemical/commercial energy. Organic is always best but if is not in the budget don’t fret and continue to eat foods that mother nature has provided for us to enjoy!

The Four Nutrients of Self Love

+Flood yourself with love each and everyday, this flood will overflow and this energy will fall onto those you love most. Skip the diet sodas, the sugar filled juices and flood your body with water!

+Fuel your body with energy from mother nature, without this energy your cells will die from lack of glucose and your energy at the gym will whither away. Carbohydrates are not to run away from, pick carbs that mother nature has provided for us: quinoa, wild rice, vegetables and fruits.

+Surround yourself with support. Just like fats support your adrenals, organs and satiety choose who you spend time with and surround yourself with people who give you unconditional support and love just like you give to them.

+Just like you marinate proteins, Marinate your mind with positive affirmations of self love and confidence. The more you soak in this thinking, the more you will shine!

Yogatique Bangkok

Remember: You deserve it because you are WORTH IT!

P.S If you live in Bangkok join Yogatique (http://yogatiquebangkok.com) and the 30 day challenge! Tons of prizes and fun with a community of people who will support your journey!

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Plan Week 2: Fitness Competition Prep

fitness competition prep

Week two has passed and let me tell you this goal of mine is becoming REALITY way quicker then I could have imagined! My workouts have become TOUGH, my mindset is in another state and things in my life are starting to change. I always feel like January is a month of organizing the year so instead of taking a seat and organizing my year I jumped into it.

January 5: My workout :: Cardio, Shoulders, Abs and I started doing my twists every night. My cardio was not dance cardio which was a total bummer because I LOVE to dance! I sweated it out on the stair master which I need because it helps build your legs while giving you a major sweat fest! I need to start doing more abs so starting to implement that into my training more and the twists are a bodybuilder favorite and something I used to do back in the day to get a smaller waist! I had a high carb day which was fantastic, I never thought oatmeal would make me excited like it did that day!

January 6: My workout:: Bootycamp and Cardio. I went shopping to see what shoes and jewels are available but will wait until I get my bikini to buy everything to make sure it all goes together. I also picked up a few fun tops and workout shorts to get my motivated to sweat!

Courtney Bentley Bikini FitnessJanuary 7: Workout was obsolete, I was DONE and not feeling well. I stuck to a lower carb but higher fat diet to help my body heal up and just stretched and rested the entire day besides a few clients I had in the morning. You have to listen to your body and if taking a day off was what I needed then it had to be done! I defiantly made up for it Thursday!

January 8: My workout:: Bootycamp, Posing Practice, Acupuncture and Dance Class.Yes three workouts in a day and I consider Acupuncture my meditation time. Posing practice was SO much fun! I learned so much and am so happy because I will feel much better on stage confident in my poses and presence. P.S I am so excited for you to meet my acupuncturist and naturopath! I interviews her for a new series I am launching this year!

January 9: My workout:: Leg DAY! I had a busy day today filled with clients, a photoshoot (SO excited to share these photos) and a high carb leg day. My legs are on fire as I type this but I felt great in the gym with extra brown rice and oatmeal to fuel me through a vicious workout.

Courtney Bentley Fitness Model

Check out Week 1’s Progress and Plan here.

My motivation:

At the end of the day it is all about willpower and finding that “umph” inside of yourself to keep going. Today was a day I wanted to just walk into the new Yogurtland and just get crazy because I had an “off” day but I reminded myself that eating a Yogurt from Yogurtland would not solve my problems. I wrote in my journal for a bit to clear my head and I can tell you journaling helps me and many of my clients when you just want a fix and it stops you from reaching for that sugar/fried/crisp etc.

To be honest, the only person who stops you from reaching your goals is yourself. I could have easily just said, I had a crap day I deserve a treat but that treat probably would have made me feel guilty, given me a sugar high and crashed me to an even more emotional state. The best thing to do is refocus on your goals, give gratitude to what is AWESOME in your life and just get out of that rut through journaling, mediation or sweat it out!

fitness motivation

I will fill you guys in more with my food and maybe a VLOG next week!

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