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4 Accessories For Chicks Who Lift

Since the holidays are around the corner, I thought I would plant some seeds on what to get your friend, yourself (we all should give ourselves a little something) or even your trainer. I have been lifting weights for 5 years now at different levels but this past year I decided I wanted to compete (read about that journey here), so I had to ramp up my regime a bit. In order to do that, I added some fun accessories to the mix to take me to that next level without compromising my wrists, neck and hands.

I created a video so you can see why and how to use each piece, I mention. I personally think some of these items would make great gifts for your fellow fitness friend or even to yourself. I always gift myself something every year, this year I gifted myself with some skincare, more on that later.


4 Things Every Fit Chick Must Own

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4 Things I Learned Living in Thailand

I have lived in Thailand for almost 3 years and after my 3 year experience I feel safe to say I have learned a thing or two from the beautiful Thai women who grace Thailand. This country is known for its naturally gorgeous women and I have to say I can see why, these women are well kept, stylish, love to dance and eat and love to visit the salon. It took me a long six months to get adapted to the culture, but once I did BOY did I take advantage!

Expat in Thailand

I have learned a thing or two from the culture and realized a lot about myself in terms of how I take care of me. It can be so easy to run around and take care of others but if you stop and take care of yourself first you will see how your life will change, your confidence will start to take over your fear and you will automatically make better choices in your life.

4 Things I Learned Living in Thailand

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3 Easy Ways to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

If you want to lose weight you know how crazy it can be to figure out the fastest, easiest and less painful way to do it. Sure you could pop mystery pills, rub oils and creams all over or you can just suck it up and eat a better diet, move and make some simple changes.

With articles, google and friends who have tried the latest and greatest craze, it can get overwhelming as to where to start. When I meet with someone who is looking to make changes I always offer 3 suggestions. The magic number is 3 simply because I know each and everyone of us can easily make 3 changes to our overall lifestyle.

3 Ways to Kickstart Your WeightLoss Efforts

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How to Make Healthy Food Taste Delicious

There comes a time in every girls life where you want to slim down just a bit to look that much more fabulous in your reunion dress, for your wedding, to see your ex, whatever it may be but you want to knick some lbs. before making your appearance. You can go dramatic and take on a diet like paleo, ketogenics or do a straight juice cleanse or you can flip the switch and swap out some dressings, marinades and sauces for alternatives to clean up that chicken and fish.

When I have to diet down for something I take these simple measure to keep me sane and also for the pure fact that I truly love my Stevia and Fiesta Lime Seasoning so much so I use them all year round.

How to Eat Clean Food that Tastes Good

How to Make Healthy Food Taste Good

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No Bake Healthy Chocolate Recipe

Something about Halloween makes me crave deliciously creamy chocolate. Not sure if its because as a child my favorite candy was Twix or the fact that I see photos of candy all day and chocolate soothes the soul. Whatever it is, I had to create a treat that I could nourish my body, be good for my health and hit that exact creamy chocolatey texture on the head.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile now, you know my love for my freezer chocolates recipe (grab that here) and if you have attended one of my workshops you are sure to have tasted them in action and probably have attempted making them a time or two. They are SO classic and the add ins and suggestions readers and clients have given me sparked this creation just in time for my favorite holiday.

No Bake Chocolate Recipe

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