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PLU code defined

I have officially been in the United States of America for 8 DAYS and we have already put an offer on a house! My husband moves FAST and I am so excited to plant some roots, meet some new friends and grow my business. If you follow me on SnapChat (@cvbentleyfit) you know one of the first things I did was poke my nose around Whole Foods. I literally went in and smelled Whole me weird but I missed that distinct scent, do any of you know what I mean?

While feeling overwhelmed at all the choices, who knew there was 100 types of nut butters and several cross breeds of vegetables, I recalled a fun fact that I can now use while shopping. Did you know the PLU code sticker on fruits and vegetables actually means something? This number is not just for the cashier but for you as a consumer and after reading this post I hope you learn a thing or two so that you can make the best choices for yourself and your family on your next grocery trip.

PLU CODE Defined

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Foods for Glowing Skin

At the age of 12 I started using Mac Studio Fix Powder because my face was SO broken out I was embarrassed to leave the house. I had eruptions on my skin, I had pores the size of craters and my confidence levels were at an all time low because I had huge GIGANTIC PIMPLES!

It might shock you that I ate fast food everyday and that I also consumed loads of sugar all day EVERYDAY, but these disturbing statements are TRUE and is why I am so passionate about living and leading a healthy lifestyle now.

When I entered high school, I always had acne and looking back it was most likely because all I consumed was Del Taco, McDonalds, and greasy pizza. Your skin is your largest organ and will tell you how your insides are doing if you just pay attention. There is actually a Chinese Medicine method called Facial Mapping which tells you why you break out in certain areas, some is related to stress, hormonal imbalances and even food related.

My breakouts were pizza style, just like the pizza I was eating and I later found out I am intolerant to dairy and the amount of grease and chemicals I was consuming was unknown. Because I now understand my body, I listen to myself and will know within a day if that mystery taste in my dinner the other night was in fact dairy related because there it will be, a nice pimple.

4 Foods for Glowing Skin

Here are some foods you should add to your diet to create a healthier skin tone and get rid of that acne:

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Mood and Food

What do you feel like after you eat cake?

How about chips and hot dogs?

After I eat, my mind and body connect and tell me whether that meal served me or not. I was not always this way, I had been on the diet roller coaster trying this and that for many years. I finally said enough was enough one day. I made the choice that I would just try and eat whole organic foods, drink more water and make it a point to move everyday. This choice I made changed my entire life and I now am healthy, vibrant and have an abundance of energy.

Because I am able to connect with my body, I found that peanuts make my throat close up, too much added fiber foods make me feel bloated and uncomfortable and that chewing my food until it was mush in my mouth made my digestive system very happy and less bloated. After every meal I would ask myself ok..Courtney how do you me crazy but I always knew if a meal out at a restaurant had peanut sauce or MSG because my throat would slowly start closing up. Being able to connect with myself in this way has made me successful with my mind body connection and has made keeping in shape possible without fail.

3 Tips on How to Deal with Your Mood and Food

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3 Ways to Beat a Fitness Plateau

Is your January buzz still strong? Or are you asking yourself..

  • Why in the world have I not budged in the last 2 weeks?
  • I lost 15 lbs. at first and am following the program and not seeing anymore progress..what gives?

Let’s go over 3 Ways to Beat a Fitness Plateau so that you can get over that hump and keep seeing progress!

I love the feeling of entering February with a bit more insight as to exactly what I want to do to achieve my BIG goal for the year. Luckily, last year I was able to check off my major goal in the first month but this year is a bit different as we are moving to Las Vegas. I am excited, nervous and ready to move! Do any of you live out that way? Comment below, I would love to meet you!

After a very strict training regime last year I started to hit a plateau with my goals. Come to find out after recording and assessing, I was not eating enough carbohydrates. I am FINALLY seeing progress again but it was only after going through my checklist. If a program is working for you, keep with it, don’t try and fix what isn’t broken! A well rounded program dedicated to your goals changes every 6-12 weeks depending on if results are occurring or not.

3 Ways to Beat a Fitness Plateau:

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How to Balance My Lifestyle

I am hyperactive and crazy cool, full of IDEAS + always ALWAYS running around like a chicken with my head cut off..

Is this YOU?

It was ME and that is why I want to share with you 3 TIPS to a more BALANCED 2016 because with Balance Comes Calmness, Comes a Healthier Lifestyle and a Fit and Fabulous YOU!

3 Tips to a More Balanced Lifestyle

Listen and learn as I go through my top 3 tips that took me from the crazy girl who never would follow through with her ideas to the girl who is making SHIFTS happen!

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